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Currentblips: Aston DBS Specs Suspension Price List Rebates Engi

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Story Title :*:Aston DBS Specs Suspension Price List Rebates Engine Top Speed and Review
Description :*:The irony of 'special edition' supercars is that you end up with a car less special, statistically at least, than if you'd specced it yourself.
To wit: simply sticking to visual options - wheels, paint, leather, - there are some 31 billion possible combinations (we've done the maths) should you choose to configure your DBS to the last detail. Many do, some with disastrous consequences. For better or worse, you can be fairly sure your magma red DBS with cream-on-purple seats is unique.
The DBS Carbon Black is not unique. It is, however, rather stunning. Maybe it's a ploy by Aston Martin to save taste-challenged DBS owners from themselves.
See more pics of the DBS Carbon Black

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